Alright. So this lip stuff isn’t exactly news–it’s been in stores for a year and a half now. But for a product to emerge as an irreplaceable keeper in our book, we’ve got to keep going back to it over the course of a few seasons. This test of time proves that there’s not something newer and better just around the corner and this YSL Glossy Stain passes our test with flying, amazingly pigmented colors.

As with any product we love, its design is half the attraction: Not only does this rectangular cube look modern and sleek with its gold and black ends (and sliver of a peek-a-boo window that reveals the color inside), but its wand inside is something of genius–smartly shaped like a gardening trowel, the flat sponge covers lips in a perfect swipe.


One stroke instantly brightens the whole face. Another pass or two, and the color intensifies, giving a bold statement lip without the precision needed for more matte formulas. It’s the fastest way to looking put nonchalantly put together. And with 30 shades, there are plenty of options for the softest to boldest moods.  The only drawback? Its steep price (a painful $34 a tube). But we figure with back to school season nipping at our toes, now is just the right time to splurge.

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