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Recently, a gossip site cut out a picture of Kim K.’s head and put it on Kanye’s body.

And you know what?

In it, she looks stunningly beautiful and uncharacteristically cool. In fact, Kim Kardashian rocking a guy’s outfit–her body fully covered with long pants and a collared shirt buttoned to the top–is one of the best looks we’ve seen on her (even if it was only achieved via photoshop). When out of bondage-tight ensembles, crippling heels and loads of makeup, the girl looks incredibly fresh.

Of course, girls with a little bit of street in their style know what the magical photoshoper’s image conveys–that dressing in a bit of drag (by adding a baseball cap to the mix, for example),  can help a girl feel cooler, tougher, and more brave. Just ask Rita Ora or Cara Delevigne.

Designers at New York Fashion Week  picked up on the vibe too. Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, Creatures of the Wind, Rachel Comey all showed their Fall/Winter 2014 collections with models rocking boy cuts–the most severe of which seen at Alexander Wang. Meanwhile, menswear designer Hood by Air showed their guys with long, flowing, feminine locks.

Which isn’t to say that all feminine accoutrements should fall away;  A little black shadow around the eyes (we love Nars’ Nightclubbing, pictured, a highly pigmented shadow flecked with tiny gunmetal glitter), for example,  stacks some girlish sophistication to a look that otherwise inspirits the just-threw-it-on, don’t-give-an -eff attitude of your little brother.

The look is more than just throwing on boyfriend jeans or a flannel, and yet, not quite as statement-making as historically androgynous looks (like tuxes and slicked-backed hair); The goal isn’t to look gender unspecific, but to embody the swagger of a dude who is dressed to hop fences and take the night.

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