Watch The Sex Ed Lesson
You Won’t Get In School

As it turns out, one of the most important issues when thinking back to school isn’t about finding that perfect pair of jeans or ultimate school bag (stay with us here)–it’s the education you likely won’t get this year when it comes to sex.

As the whipsmart writers and newsfolk at Last Week Tonight point out, many American schools rely on “just don’t do it” messaging mixed with inaccurate information and bizarre fear tactics when talking about exploring this natural part of humanity. And girls who think about having sex before getting hitched? Well we’re likened to garbage (in the forms of worn-out sneakers and chewed gum). What the actual f*ck?

While school systems spread misinformation, a comedy news show is here to help. The segment below clocks in at a long 20+ minutes and it’s hard to watch people so blatantly hate on women (footage of Yale frat boys is terrifyingly violent, while one “educator” blames unwanted sexual attention on the way girls dress), but it’s the best lesson on sex that you likely won’t get in school.

Come for the report on the heartbreakingly violent and antiquated state of gender and sex in America, stay for the amazing PSA at the end of the segment–featuring IRL couple Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally–that gives the REAL deal on sex (Guess what? It’s healthy for guys AND girls):


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