warrior woman.pstol.


Beyonce’s Lemonade, just released on HBO and Tidal, is a celebration of a woman’s strength in the face of betrayal, jealousy, self-doubt and anger. As Bey prepares to take on these demons in white face paint and puff ponytails, we’re inspired to conjure our own version of the modern warrior woman.

Sometimes, just walking down a city block can make us feel like we’re on the offensive. Whether going in for physical or psychological battle, we feel strongest when rocking loud nails, hard-toe boots and clothes that allow us to move without restriction. And cuffs are a must. (Just ask Wonder Woman.)  What makes you feel most strong and helps you express your inner warrior? Our building blocks, below:

Ragdoll LA Distressed Vintage Tee in Dark Army, $79

Fire Mountain Cuff in Antique Gold Plated Steel, $14

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Tax the Rich, $15

Doc Marten 1460 Crazy Horse Boot, $135

Rag and Bone Dixon Boyfriend Short, $195

Fire Mountain Multicolored Beaded Cuff, $7

Beyonce Knowles’s latest release, the Lemonade visual album, has us feeling like warriors too. Whether battling a cheating boyfriend, weird dudes on the street or frenemies, feeling tough helps make it all bearable. Wear nails to claw with. Rock ankle-snug boots that are as easy to run in as they are to kick ass, if needed. Take a self defense class. Try clothes that can won’t restrict you from hopping fences or kicking ass. And accessorize like a champ–because the most bas-ass women in history (Think Zena the Warrior Princess, Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Lozen, Grace O’Malley and Queen Boudicca) always wear bling. Do whatever necessary to come out swinging and walking strong.  Because modern-day warrior-hood is a state of mind. Beyonce is a warrior woman; how about you?

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