The hype around Valentine’s Day and romantical relationships can be overwhelming–especially if you’re flying solo or in an “it’s complicated” situation with a S.O. (And let’s face it, who isn’t?)

But Valentine’s Day should be for celebrating *all* the people we love–whether they’re friends, family or someone you like, like that.

So in addition to celebrating with your main squeeze or side piece, we love the idea of gathering your group of girls to hang and honor your friendships, too. We’re also loving Handmade Beauty Box, a party in a box that includes everything you need to get crafty and make something you and your girls will use–beauty products.


This month’s box features supplies to make all-natural lipstick for six or more kissers–rose-y pigments, measurers, containers and pre-mixed hydrating base that includes coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil and avocado oil. (Upcoming boxes will feature moisturizing cuticle cream, nail polish and powdered bronzer.)


This DIY is refreshingly simple–no crowding around a confusing YouTube video or making last-minute supply runs required–because everything is portioned out as you need it. So this weekend, why not invite your besties over, throw on some Taylor Swift, get crafty in the kitchen and send everyone walking with a homemade lipstick–and a deeper appreciation for friendships with the gurls.

To get your party started, Handmade Beauty Box has set us up with a box to giveaway to a lucky reader. To enter, simple use the comments field–or on Facebook–to tell us why you love to kick it with your girls. Happy Valentine’s Day and Big Love!


UPDATE: Thanks to all who commented below. Every comment was awesome, so we ended up picking a winner from a drawing of commenter names. Big love to all!

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  1. Michelle Clark says:

    I love to hang with my girls cause they understand my life and are right there experiencing the same joys and challenges. It’s nice to get together and either share, or just have fun and forget everything else.

  2. Becca Sheffler says:

    I love hanging out with my best friend Lea because we can make anything fun together — even grocery shopping! And she always supports me, whatever I do.

  3. We have had more than a couple craft sessions, where we have made eye shadows, lipsticks, and other fun DIY beauty. Usually followed up by fun cocktails and a chick flick!

  4. wakenda says:

    What a fun idea! I love hanging out my my girlfriends, because we can talk for forever!

  5. Sarah says:

    Super cute and fun. Makes a fun creative gift and in the cold you really have to protect your lips so they stay full and valupcious.

  6. Jessica M says:

    What a perfect way to spend Valentine’s! Dudes will come and go but your girls will always be there for you!

  7. Rene Rouleau says:

    Such a fun idea! I love having craft nights with the girls. I will have to try his out for our next get together!

  8. Andrea says:

    love that the kits seems to be filled with food grade ingredients. You should know what’s in your lip products because you essentially wind up eating your fair share daily.

    Pick me!

  9. craftyone says:

    we are always able to cheer each other up which is why i enjoy them

  10. Amy Britain says:

    I love to kick it with my girls because they are beautiful inside and out and have the ability to make me laugh so hard that I snort and tears roll down my cheeks!

  11. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I love to kick it with the girls because we have so much fun doing your hair, nails, etc. and just talking about new things each of us have loved that we bought. It is nice just spending time with each other because sometimes live gets so busy and we just need to slow down to relax.

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