Apple is right to elevate the aesthetics of their iPhone with the blingy new colored shells. After all, we look at our phones more than any other object in our daily lives–about 150 times a day for average mobile users, according to some research. But you don’t need an extra $500 to make your phone the dopest thing around. Instead of dropping dough for a superficial cosmetic upgrade, trick out it’s insides by turning your screen into a mobile gallery. And the best part is, you can do it for FREE:

 By simply changing your friends’ avatars to artwork, you’ll transform every text, call or IM a thing of beauty.


After downloading your favorite pics and assigning them to different contacts in your phone, continue the curation by doing image searches for your favorite magazines,  photographers, and even bands (which can bring up amazing album cover art). Into interior design? Search for your favorite designers and download images of interiors, like the Tony Duquette-inspired room, pictured in the feature image above.

And if stocking your phone with 300 different works of art sound too daunting of a task, crowdsource it instead, by having your friends curate your gallery for you. Next time you’re hanging with a homie, ask her or him who their favorite artist is or favorite artwork is. Throw their answer into a quick image search and have them pick the result they like best. Not only will you be turned onto new designers and artists, but whenever that person calls will you be treated to a stunning image that fits their personality and style to a T. 


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