It’s been a pretty insane news week. And while it’s easy to watch the manhunts,  legislation debates and overall fall out, it’s also Friday. And it’s springtime. Even though there is a bunch of dark stuff going down in the world, it’s also very beautiful outside in most parts of the world.

So if you find yourself sucked into the 24-hour news channels, worrying about violence and legislation, take a break. Go outside. Enjoy nature. Studies say that a quick walk in nature is a great way crawl out of a dark hole. It may not stop you from thinking about what’s going on in the world, but it may bring clarity to your thoughts:

Maybe you realize there are actions you can take to affect change, like writing legislatures or volunteering to help offset some of the bad stuff that’s been going down.

Or maybe your brain switches off from the current events and you just *enjoy* yourself. Either way, it’s better than staring at CNN and getting angry and sad about the world. HAVE A REFRESHING WEEKEND!!  xo–e

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  1. Shirinian says:

    thank you for the reminder to turn the tv off and get outside. it’s a beautiful day in Southern Cali :)

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