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Tiffany Haddish Is the Motivational Speaker We Need

Exactly how did we get on before Tiffany Haddish? The question looms even deeper after her acceptance speech at the The New York Film Critics Circle dinner and awards ceremony last night. Because as Vulture reports, our girl delivered nearly 20 minutes of inspirational life advice and spot-on truths while casually sipping a cocktail and accepting her award for best supporting actress at the soiree.  Those that most resinated with us? A bit that brings out the multitasking goddess in all of us and this gem, a thank you to Eric Kohn, the New York Film Critics Circle chair — which is really about handling yourself with confidence and earning respect:

“I don’t know how you feel about me … and I don’t care. But I thank you. You were the first person to greet me when I walked in the door, and you smiled and looked me dead in my eyes and shook my hand. You weren’t afraid to talk to me. The thing I hate the most is people who come up to me and I can smell fear on them? It make me want to fuck ’em up. I hate fear. I know fear is fuel for other things … but don’t be trying to put that shit on me. Come up to me happy. Come up to me with a smile. If you come up to me scared, it’s gonna make me talk to you crazy. Think of me as a wild dog. You come up to me confident, look me in the eyes, I’m gonna be cool with you. You come up to me scared and acting like a bitch, that’s how I’m going to treat you.”

🙌🏿 🙌🏾 🙌  A million times YAAAASSS, Tiffany Haddish. This is how the world works, folks. Walk tall and show respect. It will take you EVERYWHERE.

This is but one of the truth bombs that Haddish spills in her glorious speech. There are tons other to mine (including a hilarious scene that got cut from Girl’s Trip, the value of long-time friends, happiness and how to handle criticism), so watch the whole thing below. Yeah, it runs more than 17 minutes but the knowledge within is worth every single second:

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