Were so stoked that MTV relaunched House of Style–and its hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss couldn’t be cuter. But what were really digging is the  archived collection of OG House of Style clips, buried beneath the trashy antics of hillbilly, Jersey and knocked up kids. Hosted by a fabulous looking and stiff-sounding Cindy Crawford, one of THE supers of the time, the show is a perfect time capsule of ’90s everything: Will Smith when he was still the endearing Fresh Prince;  A booming magazine industry; Modeling agencies making appointments with pen and paper; and the great, late Kevin Aucion on how to get a 90s staple: the overplucked brow; dark, dark lips, galore (which are totally making a comeback, btw).

What we love most?  The unpolished feel of it all.  The show launched in 1989, just a few years after the music network got going. Youth programming was still being identified and was therefore, quaintly imperfect. See Cindy stiffly deliver segment intros  in the first episodes with delivery that feels part Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, part dead-serious news reporter and all awkward  (Later in the season, she loosens up, especially around her supermodel cohort, which feels like were getting the real backstage vibe. Stephen Sprouse smokes during his on-camera interview! Tracy Ullman and Cindy Crawford goofily vogue at the Trump Plaza Hotel!  It’s as if no one has  had a lick of media training and we love it!

Sink into the entire House of Style Collection here–writer Mary H.K. Choi delivers perfect episode synapses to accompany the classic clips. In the meantime, we leave you with  Kim Gordon, Sofia Coppola, Spike Jones and Linda Evangelista talking about X-Girl’s debut (The ’90s streetwear label, which was later sold to a Japanese company and has long been available only in Japan, is now, once again, attainable stateside):



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