pstol.psa.Mothers Day Map by Influenster


Have you lagged out on Mother’s Day? (It’s Sunday, yo!) Us too. Thankfully, the pollsters at Influenster are helping to take the guesswork out of last-minute shopping. The group polled 4,594 young moms (average age of 32) across all 50 states including the District of Columbia, to find out what they REALLY want this Mother’s Day. And if you live in Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi or Iowa, you’re in luck: moms in those states simply want kind gestures. Awww!

Check the infographic below to see what the moms in your state are after this Mother’s Day.

pstol.psa.Mothers Day Map by Influenster

In the map:Gone are the days of flowers for Mother’s Day — Cosmetics are the hottest gift amongst the most number of states that young moms want to receive this year.

Spa & wellness and kind gesture in the household were the runner-ups.

Interestingly, New Jersey and New York were the only two states where moms want jewelry.

Gift cards are surprisingly acceptable amongst moms in five states.

How about money? Yes please, says this generation of mothers in Kansas.

Based on our survey:

Young moms want to first and foremost be pampered (72%). That is followed by a physical gift (53%), an experiential gift (48%) and then a DIY gift (33%).

They want to receive gifts more from their spouses (83%) than their children (79%).

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