History, as a subject, can be a bit dense.

But when it’s in the form of 4-6 minute snippets, in which lost recordings of interviews with such icons as Grace Kelly, Jim Morrison and Carol Burnett, are set to animated video?

Then it’s internet gold.

Check out a few of our favorite interviews from PBS’s Blank on Blank (or head over to the PBS site for a deep dive into pop cultures greatest anticodes):

 “You’re only as much as you settle for.  If you don’t settle and keep fighting, you end up being anything you want to be.

I had a certain circumstances I was under. All this repressive upbringing and things … I had that too.  It’s just that it drove me crazy and I kept fighting against it …

I don’t think you can talk anyone into fighting against it. If people don’t have it in themselves to need more, just plain need more, then that’s that. If they do need more, they’ll get more. Demand more.”

–Janis Joplin’s last interview

“Because I couldn’t find any male friends that I felt compatible with, I ended up hanging out with the girls a lot. And I just always felt that they weren’t treated with respect … I mean the words bitch and cunt were totally common.
Although I listened to Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, and I really did enjoy some of the melodies they’d written, it took me so many years to realize that a lot of it had to do with sexism. The way that they just wrote about their dicks and having sex.


I was just starting to understand what really was pissing me off so much, those last couple of years of high school. And then punk rock was exposed and then it all came together. It just fit together like a puzzle.” –Kurt Cobain on High School.

“The thing that really bothers me — Like white critics won’t like us, because they have this whole preconceived notion of what rap music is: you gotta go out there and be angry and sing about the ghetto.And that’s the only reason for rap music to exist.

You know?”


— Beastie Boys in 1985
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