Red band movie trailers are reserved for the most risque, sexually charged and taboo of films–you know the NC-17 stuff. But Young Adult and Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody’s Red Band Trailer is a flirty, clever and happy-hearted ¬†place, in which she stages casual sit-downs with carefully-picked celebrities who have something interesting to say–not just a flick or fragrance to plug. ¬†She talks boys with Mindy Kaling, childhood stardom with Amanda Seyfried and breaking into stand-up as a teen with Sarah Silverman. (She also interviews lots of cool guys like Young Adult director Jason Reitman and Parks and Rec’s Adam Scott.)

The webisodes are shot inside her shiny Airstream and poolside tiki bar and are directed by her husband Dan Maurio (a Chelsea Handler roundtable regular). So even though the shows live on Lexus’s fancy L-Studio, the vibe is down home and honest.

Will she make another season? Her peeps don’t know. (She’s wrapping up work on her directorial debut–a comedy which stars Julianne Hough and is slated to release later this year). But in the meantime, watch (and rewatch) these sweet little episodes–they’re miles more truthful and relaxed than anything Letterman or Leno could cook up.

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  1. elenione says:

    I heart Diablo Cody and her Tiki Bar!! Her interviews are super fun and quirky!! Too cute!

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