There are all sorts of ways to do death. Some cultures parade the skulls through the street every year. Some take out the bones and dance with them, and others leave them bodies for the vultures to eat. Or, if you’re American, you bury the whole thing—literally and figuratively—as most of us are taught that death isn’t something we talk about. Well, Caitlin Doughty is changing that. With her thoughtful and purposefully lo-fi Ask A Mortician web series, Order of the Good Death website, and her forthcoming book, this longtime lover of the macabre has made it her personal mission to change the way we deal with death by talking corpses, decomposition and natural burial, among other tasty topics.

Recently, Doughty talked to PSTOL about her inevitable career on the funeral industry and what it takes to be a crematory operator, corpse driver and funeral director. Wanna know more about getting into the biz—oh, and maybe grab a book deal along the way? Read on.