We love a woman like Miranda July, who is always thinking, always working on creative projects (whether they make her money or not).

Her latest, We Think Alone, explores the who we are online vs. who we are IRL by way of looking at celebrity emails and sharing them with anyone who wants to participate.

Naturally, we signed up to get in on the action and receive 20 emails over 20 weeks from the inboxes of famous peeps. Today,  the first mailing of the project, we got email exchanges on the topic of money from Kirsten Dunst, Rodarte Designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Lena Dunham, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Authors Sheila Heti and Etgar Keret, Artists Catherine Opie and Danh Vo and Physicist Lee Smolin.

We were happy to learn that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had so much fun making his children’s book, that Kirsten Dunst is selling her car for a very reasonable price to a buddy and that Lena Dunham thinks $30K is a bit much to spend on a couch from Sweden. (There are entire dwellings that cost that much, gurl!)

But more so, it will be interesting to look at the patterns in which these people communicate by email. Some tones are thoughtful and warm, while  some are I’m-so-busy-let’s-get-right-to-the-point in their communication style. Will any of these email logs reflect the person’s public persona? And what will this glimpse into inboxes say about how we use email these days? (Our money is on the phenomena of tweets requiring more thoughtful prose.)

To get in on the voyeuristic action and join the conversation, sign up to receive daily emails here.

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