Back in the day, riot grrrls, music geeks and vintage lovers would type, cut, paste and Xerox afternoons away in effort to make their own ‘zines. The graphics were pixelated, the aesthetic was rough and they were awesome. Now, designer Karolis Kosas has created a couldn’t-be-easier way to replicate a custom ‘zine of your own. Just visit anonymous-press, type in a keyword, and bam–20 seconds later, the site has mined Google images of that topic to auto-generate a ‘zine that looks like it surfaced in 1992.

Having a party for your bestie’s birthday? Type in her name+birthday for a custom invitation–anonymous press will send you hand-made hard copies for $3 a pop.

We also used the publisher to pay┬áhomage┬áto one of our favorite mags of yesteryear, Grand Royal (see featured image). While it wasn’t a ‘zine exactly (it had the street cred and financial backing of the Beastie Boys after all), it was ‘zine-y in spirit. Grand Royal introduced readers to dub legend Lee Scratch Perry, featured pull-out flexi-disc records of fresh b-boy jams, tee-shirt iron ons and contained articles on throwback-era tech like moogs.

RIP Grand Royal. Long Live YOUR New Zine!

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