It’s easy to envy Sky Ferreria as she walks down the Marc Jacobs runway, all genetically blessed with a look that’s this Debbie Harry/Lara Stone hybrid of gorgeous. Or look at her as she stars in ad campaigns for Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein and think, “this girl has got it made.” And she may in certain ways.

But here’s what else: for the past five or so years, she’s been working to put out an album. And during this time, the record label people and the music industry has  packaged and repackaged her sound, branded and re-banded her look, shelved her work and overall kicked her around, the way that old, industry men do when they’re trying to turn a girl into a money-making commodity. But what we love and admire so much, is that though it all, she hasn’t given up. She tells New York Magazine (you can read the whole article here. It’s really good!):

“I’ve been told I was a failure since I was 17.

I signed a million-dollar record deal and never saw any money. It all got spent on planes and writing. I’d have to leave school and go on a twelve-hour flight to Europe and do press, then fly back the same day. They worked me to death, but when I wanted to input anything, it was like, ‘You’re a child, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’

There’s only so much I can take. But I have to take it. I have to keep going, to show everyone this is not what they want to make me out to be.”

–Sky Ferreria

After a string of singles and EPs, her first full-length album, Night Time, My Time, comes out tomorrow. (She used her own money to get it made.) It’s something that bears her own stamp. And it’s better than anything anyone else pushed her to do in the past.

This week, as we think about the stuff we want to do, we’re going to use Ferreria’s story to inspire us. We’ll keep pushing and keep trying. Because no matter what anyone else says, eventually, it will be great.

Check out our soundcloud page for a little mix of Ferreria’s music (also on our homepage today) and the first single from the new album,  You’re Not The One, below:



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