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Rihanna just gave us the best comeback for when some fool tries to comment on weight change:


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Want to come for Rihanna, talking about how she may or may not have added a few LBs to her frame? Then our girl will shoot straight back with some common sense for ya, all while flipping the script on a misogynistic double standard, too. Just witness this Instagram post she shared with followers, fans and foes, in which she she basically says, “if you can’t appreciate me with a little meat on my bones, then you don’t get to appreciate me when I’m without those LBs, too.” Or, in her own words, “If you can’t handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane, you don’t deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane.” Preach, Bad gal Ri Ri, preach! I mean, no one called out Gucci Mane for having a little more meat on his bones, back in the day. Come on, now.

This recent takedown of the haters comes on the heels of the pop star celebrating her ten-year anniversary of Good Girl Gone Bad, an album that not only catapulted her into pop superstardom, but helped mint her position as a girl who does her own thing, who doesn’t take shit from anyone, who celebrates her so-called “bad side” just as much as her so-called “good side.” In sharing this milestone with fans on Instagram, Rihanna said, “10 years ago I released a body of work that would change the course of my life and career in ways that I still can’t fully grasp! To my fans…you have truly supported and nurtured my journey and I’m forever grateful to you for making it such a wild ride so far and I look forward to our journey ahead. once a good girl go bad, she gone forever!”

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