So much of popular film and music these days is rehashed sights and sounds from previous decades–yet another Annie remake, the Dumb and Dumber To sequel (which has come out 20 years after the original has been released), Anaconda, Nicki Minaj’s regurgitated Baby Got Back track, and the sound of Taylor Swift’s 1989.  If we were to hear Prayers’ Gothic Summer track on Soundcloud, we’d think, “great–another band that sounds like The Cure.” But, the video tells another story–one of fresh, new, cholo-goth that we can’t get enough of.


It may be crazy cold in most parts of the country, but in San Diego, where the band is from, it’s summer year round and the perfect time for a water balloon fight in a graveyard. We’ve got this video on heavy rotation as we dream of SoCal days and more cholo goth brilliance (or SD Killwave, as the sound is being dubbed).

Thank you, Yessie!

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