A lightbulb making our wish list? We never thought we’d see the day. But with its ability to shine any shade of light (including clubby blues and purples to natural ambient colors), Philips Hue lightbulbs are more like theatrical lighting that you control through your phone or tablet than a pedestrian Edison bulb.


Select a shade from an image on your smartphone and the hue light will radiate that color. Or pick from a colorwheel of endless arrays to bathe your room in whatever colors capture your mood. The lighting system can also be programmed to turn on at a certain time of day and mimic a tropical sunrise, right in the middle of your room (and right in the dead of winter), making getting up to go to school much more bearable, no matter how cruel the hour.

The party girl in us wants to bathe our rooms in deep jewel tones for an impromptu dance party. And the interior designer in us wants to create a glow from beneath our bed, like the Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice does, by throwing Hue Lightstrips along its perimeter.

Aman Canal Grande Hotel Venice

The only catch? At $200 a set, these suckers are far from cheap. But the idea of creating any type of ambiance, from festive to romantic, not to mention being bathed in good lighting that makes us look Instagram-fab at all times? We’re smitten.

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