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New Year’s Day Strategy:
Stay In And Watch Movies

Sure, this is the point in the year where were supposed to make lofty resolutions about being better people. But let’s face it: today, New Years Day, all of those high hopes and big wishes are suspended.  Most of us are too partied out from the night before to do much more than dial for take out and press play on Netflix. And unlike almost any other day of the year, the world seems to cooperate with our burnt-out state: small businesses are shuttered, mail delivery is halted and everything is still.

So in keeping with the *true* spirit of day one of a new year (we can all dip into those resolutions tomorrow … or not), we thought we’d help make this day of non-doing even easier by giving you an instant Netflix playlist–because buried beneath all the mediocre  TV shows and little kid programming are a few excellent films to make your lazy day worthwhile.



2 Days In New York

Julie Delpy does it again–this time

with a refreshingly toned-down

Chris Rock and some hysterical

French family members.


2 Days In Paris

Because we love Adam Goldberg

and when we watch this movie,

we get to pretend he’s our boyfriend.


Bill Cunningham New York

From his OG film developing,

to his blue windbreaker,

to his classic apartment and low-tech bike,

this living legend of a photog is unique.

He inspires us!


Bottle Rocket

Wes Anderson’s first flick is talky

and rough around the edges.

And we like it.


Charlie Bartlett

Rebeltastic high-school fun.


Eames: The Architect and the Painter


This married couple built

an LA creative-design think tank

and amazing furniture,

but fifty years later,

*he’s* still getting almost all the props.



Jason Bateman is funny.

Mike Judge is awesome.


Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

The hardest working lady in showbiz

may be tough to take,

but her relentlessness

makes us want to never stop trying.

Thank you, Joan!

The September Issue

Anna Wintour is vilified for being decisive.

But watching her work

inspires us to be more steadfast

and go with our guts, which is a really good thing.


Tiny Furniture

  Before Girls, there was Lena Dunham’s

home movie of sorts

(that’s her sis, mom and mom’s apartment in the film).


The Trip

Steeve Koogan slays indulgent foodie culture.



A fashion time capsule; before Target collabs

and designers’ twittering PR girls,

there was Iaasic + The Supers.

And they were awesome.


Valentino: The Last Emperor

The genius of an oranged-hued man

with many tiny dogs. The column

dress he works on

in the beginning of the film

is timelessly covetable.


Young Adult

Omg. Charlize Theron’s scowl

in this movie is spot on.

Also, this script makes Diablo Cody’s

Juno Oscar win legit.

“The baby. The baby.  The problem that has no name.”




All Good Things

Crazy true story that shows money can buy freedom.


Blue Valentine

We can’t think of a better way

to wallow in the imperfection of relationships.


Donnie Darko


The sinister bunny ears that launched a thousand editorial spreads.



Ryan Gosling,

you silent stud w/the scorpion jacket,

driving around to the best movie soundtrack in a long while!


Half Nelson

Ryan Gosling,

you cracked-out teacher with a heart of gold!


Lost In Translation

The listlessness. The incredible scenery.

It’s worth re-watching

just to figure out what Bill Murray

whispers to Scarlett Johansson in the end.



Young, hot, rich people problems.



That Lars Van Trier is one heavy-hitting bastard!


The Queen of Versailles

Aging, not so hot, rich people problems.

Makes us glad were not filthy rich; it stinks!


Rabbit Hole

Nichole Kidman plays such a perfect tortured woman.


Take This Waltz

Yeah, another Michelle Williams movie

in which she’s 1/2 of a young, cool couple.

What can we say?  We likey.


The Hollywood Complex

Or why you’re glad that

your parents never pushed you into the biz.


The Romantics

Katie Holmes isn’t annoying in this flick!

Plus, it’s worth watching

just to style-bite Malin Ackerman’s

party dress/black tights black fringe earrings ensemble.


Winter’s Bone

Taps into our inner badass

and ups the ante with a little squirrel skinning to boot.

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