Laura Dern - every woman for each other pstol


Laura Dern just gave an old saying new heart and it couldn’t be more timely or true:

“I don’t know if you’ve heard, but they say that when the going gets tough, it’s every man for himself.

So perhaps we will say, now more than ever, every woman for each other.”

–Laura Dern at the 2017 Elle Women in Hollywood Honors Ceremony

With more and more high-profile women sharing their experiences with sexual harassment and sexual assault in the past few weeks, it seems pretty much every woman and girl, at at least one point, has been subject to lewd behavior and comments by men of all walks — from those in positions of power to randos on the street. These scenarios are so common, that many think they’re normal. But here’s what sharing these stories show: that a restaurant manager grabbing a hostess’s ass isn’t OK. That a professor making a comment about your legs isn’t OK. That a male boss in a bathrobe asking for a massage isn’t OK. That any behavior designed to make you feel powerless and under someone else’s control is not OK. And none of these things should be “normal.”

As part of the larger conversation about inequality and the path to actualizing feminism, Laura Dern gives a fresh and inspiring new spin on an old motto — and it’s all about banding together and supporting one another. Every woman for each other? Count us IN!

Laura Dern said these remarks at an event to honor Riley Keough. Of her own mother, Riley said, “Being driven and working hard doesn’t mean sacrificing my femininity or compassion and you showed me how to speak my mind by telling me that opinions matter and to never be afraid to fight for what I believe in and my example of a woman was someone that never showed inferiority and a woman that couldn’t be silenced are told to stay in her place and a woman who judged nothing but integrity and having you teach me what it is to be a woman is my greatest blessing and I dream of the day that all women can live as fearless by as you do I’ve been told so many times that my character choices are risky and growing up with a mother like you has made me completely oblivious to what the risk is in portraying real women.

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