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Kyle Richards may be best known for playing a housewife on TV, but off screen, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member is building her role as a boss. The LA-native owns clothing boutiques in Beverly Hills and Palm Beach and is producing an upcoming dark comedy set in 1970s Hollywood about, “a woman’s struggle to raise her family and claim her own brand of independence in a world not ready to give it,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show starts filming next month.

We asked Kyle for her best business advice–the kind of wisdom she shares with her own daughters.  And below, she explains why the best business move may mean not going into business at all:

“If you’re going to be good at anything, you have to really love it. I tell my daughters, ‘that’s what you girls are going to do–you’re going to figure out what you love.’ That’s the number one thing. You can’t just say, I think I should do this because that will make me money because if you don’t love it and it doesn’t’ excite you, will never do well in it.


So I do what I love. I hate the word ‘housewife’ (even though I’m on the show)–but I am also so happy being a mom and a ‘housewife.’  That’s when I feel most fulfilled, to be honest. That’s when I feel completely whole.”

My daughter is a great writer. She went to NYU to be a writer but ever since she was a little girl, she had an  obsession with looking at houses with us so she ended up going to work with my husband at the agency and she’s literally killing it. She’s one of the top agents there. My husband is so successful at what he does because he loves it so much.

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