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Jemma Kidd Glitterati Shadow Dust Duo


I’m a simple girl with simple tastes. My daily make-up routine is typically: Mascara. Aaaand scene. But then there are times when I want to look a little more done up. And for those times, Shadow Dust Duo is a great tool to get me to glam, quickly.

The liquid shimmer shadow is dries very quickly, is incredibly long-lasting and absolutely glamorous. (Though a word of caution: It tends to collect in a thick, unattractive line along the eyelid crease if applied with your eyes open, so keep your peepers closed while it solidifies.) In the taupe “Premiere” shade it looks rich and sultry, yet also sophisticated. (Gold “Paparazzi” and silver “Debut” are also options; I forgive the gimmicky names because they make me feel pretty.) Meanwhile, the glitter dust gives a more playful and sweet look and is easily smudged for a fancy smoky eye. Another Caveat: Neither the shadow brush or dust roller applicators are particularly wieldy, so precise application takes a very steady hand.

The price may seem steep for a drugstore product, but there’s three different ways to wear it. (And, let’s be honest—you wouldn’t think twice about it if you had found at Sephora.) It’s the perfect tool to take my eye from simple to smoldering in minutes.

Kira Muratova

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