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Ask any pop star: The road to radio domination is rarely easy and success almost never happens overnight. Pop legends like Britney Spears and Katy Perry tried for years to break into the biz. And singer, songwriter and musician Laura Michelle–who is on the cusp of pop stardom herself–is no different.

Laura Michelle has pounded the LA pavement for six years, playing local (and legendary) venues like The Troubadour, The Whiskey and The Viper Room. After hooking up with producers who has worked with Avril Lavigne, Jay Z and Shakira, the NorCal native has released her debut album, Novel With No End. 

Its first single? Chuck Norris, a song with lyrics that start, “I always speak my mind and never really censor what I have to say.” And the track just gets more badass from there. Plus, the just-released video not only stars a powerful Laura, but Chuck Norris himself. How cool is that? The video is trending in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Germany and in just in a few weeks time has racked up nearly 5 million views.

Of course, with such seemingly quick success has come a bit of hate. But Laura, who writes songs about empowerment and being true to self is walking the walk–even reading mean comments in this awesome video.

We sat down with the songstress to learn what it takes to break into the music biz, the three characteristics a girl needs in the pop world and what it means to tap into that Chuck Norris state of mind.

Ok. Tell us. What’s the Chuck Norris state of mind that you sing about in Chuck Norris?

Look at Chuck Norris … he’s not only completely badass, but gives back to society (which is extremely important to him), he’s happy and proud of who he is, that is the Chuck Norris state of mind I’m referring to in the song. Be yourself. We’ve all been made fun of for things in our life and made to feel self conscious, or someone has laughed at our dreams, belittled us…the list goes on. In the end, you have to be happy with who you are. Embrace it! The only opinion that matters is yours. Stand proud and don’t give up.

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How do get into that state of mind when you’re not feeling it (like when people are naysaying you or you just wake up feeling less than awesome on a particular day)?

There are days that it is hard to believe in yourself and embrace your “inner Chuck Norris.” In all honesty, I have had a few of those days myself lately—days where I just couldn’t seem to snap out of it. I call a friend or hang out with my cousins, people that have supported me from the beginning and believe in me, but, more importantly, also love me for me. I do something fun, which distracts me and I ultimately snap out of my funk. Sometimes you might have a day you just can’t find that “inner Chuck Norris”, but that’s okay too. That’s part of embracing who you are!

In terms of negative people saying hurtful things, as hard as it is, you have to try and ignore them. Take a moment and focus on all that is good in your life. That’s really important!

How long have you been working to break into the music industry and what has been your breakthrough moment so far?

I have been working at music since I was a kid—singing in the car, vocal lessons, etc. But when I truly started pursuing music as a career, I was a senior in high school. So it’s been YEARS!

My breakthrough moment so far was finding this amazing team who believes in me and my music. It has been recording this record with a phenomenal team; a team I still can’t believe wanted to work with me. It was signing to Sony Red. And of course, my breakthrough moment was getting to work with Chuck Norris, the living legend himself on this music video. There’s always a new breakthrough moment if you look for them. I think that’s a great way to look at it and it makes it easier to get into the Chuck Norris state of mind.

Laura Michelle is a pop star, Chuck Norris singer and badass afighter

What three characteristics a girl needs to break into the music industry and why?

In my opinion, the most important characteristic you need to have is a deep LOVE of music. I mean it is the thing that keeps you going and you just can’t imagine doing something else because music makes you that happy. In my case, I dislike the business side of the music business, so that love of music keeps me going. The business side is hard and brutal at times.

Ambition and drive is another important characteristic. There are going to be a lot of people you meet in the industry that don’t get you or don’t care for your music, but keep going because ultimately you will find the people that believe in what you’re doing and will help you. You just have to have that drive to persevere.

A thick skin and a strong sense of who you are is an important characteristic to have, too. People will say hurtful things and you just have to take it in stride and let it go–as hard as that is. Most of the time those people do that because they are jealous or are unhappy in their own lives. If you can think of it like that, it helps you to ignore their hurtful comments because you feel empathy towards them.

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Any other words of wisdom for how to launch into pop stardom?

This business is a sacrifice of your time. If you really want it, you have to go for it with all you have. It doesn’t come easy to anyone! NO ONE is an overnight success, even if it appears they were.

Also, be patient. If you keep at it, something will happen. It takes time! It’s a process, and you have to always keep that in mind. In my case I am not the best at being patient with certain things in music and I’m not a process person. I have to check myself and remind myself this all the time in this business!

Be confident and stay true to yourself. Don’t let some producer or whoever tell you how you should look or what style of music you should be singing. You have to have a strong sense of self and always remind yourself who you are, of your inner Chuck Norris. If you do this, you will attract fans that like the things you like and love your music. Fans see through it when you aren’t yourself.

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