How can I get help from my mom when we don’t ever talk?

That is an excellent question and one you should ask your mom, stat! Because unless you two have some sort of telepathic super power that allows you to communicate without chatting it up from time to time, the short answer is: You can’t get help from your mom if you don’t ever talk.

It’s likely that she’s been super busy working, making sure the family is taken care of, and taking care of herself to realize that the two of you don’t make time to sit down and really talk. Sometimes, parents can get so lost in the day to day stuff, that they have to be reminded of the big picture–that she’s the only mom you’ve got and you need her help with things.

So find a chill time to remind her face to face that you need her help with stuff. (Make sure to approach her when she has the capacity to pay full attention to what you have to say, not when she’s busy rushing around the house or whatever.) Having the talk about, well, talking, will likely make her realize that she wants to make more time for you. Sometime’s you’ve just got to ask for what you want and remind your parents that even though you’re growing up, you still need them around.



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