PSTOL exclusive: Zendaya shares her secret to success at Chi LA Celebration


How cool is actor, singer and red carpet standout Zendaya? Seventies bowlcut cool. No effs given cool. And cool in a million other ways. Because she does things her way every single time. How does she do it? By tapping into what she calls her “Olivia Pope gut” and channeling respect in the face of adversity.

We caught up with the multi-talented, multi-hyphenate at the Chi & Zendaya LA Celebration, where the empire-ress was unveiling the CHI & Zendaya #REALisBEAUTIFUL Campaign to talk building empires, tapping into your inner boss and sticking to your guns when others try to convince you otherwise:

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What’s the most important thing you can do when building your own empire and tapping into your inner boss?

Go with your gut and go with your instincts because it’s always 99.99999% correct. There will be a lot of people that are going to try to persuade you, tell you what to do, get you into things that you’re not comfortable with and you just have to go with your gut and go with your instincts because I feel like, I call it my “Olivia Pope gut”–because that’s what she calls it on her show. it’s a feeling and you know when something’s right. So you have to stick to your guns and you have to do what you feel is right.

If someone is trying to dissuade you from going with your gut and you’re trying to tell them, no this is what I’m trying to do and they’re trying to steer you another way, do you have a go to for shutting them down and saying no firmly in a way that works for you?

A lot of times, the wrong way to go about it is just to say, ‘no.’ Because immediately, people think, ‘You didn’t listen, you didn’t hear me out.’ I would say listen to whatever the person has to offer you. Say, ‘oh yeah, that’s interesting.’

Take a little time. Even if you’ve already made your mind up about it, pretend you thought about it for a second, then say, ‘Thank you for your input but I don’t think this is what I’m going to do.’ Because then it’s like, you’re respectful, you listened (even if you didn’t) and you still get what you wanted.

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