athleta and unplug meditation trick for the hyperactive


With every Snap and Insta alert that pops up on our phones and each horrifying headline that creeps into our news feeds, quieting our minds with meditation seems like harder and harder a feat. This week in particular,  the idea of breathing in love and breathing out peace feels more important than ever, given the acts of terror brought on by white supremacists in North Carolina.

There’s just one hitch: many of us are just no good at meditation. Historically, it’s been just too easy to get caught up with whatever shiny thing happens to pop up. So on National Relaxation Day, we’re sharing a new way to meditate, something we recently learned in LA at an Athleta event (the company that happens to make the coziest modal athleisure), featuring meditation teacher Megan Monahan who works with Unplug. Monahan specializes in spiritual real talk and easy-to-swallow practices. The idea? Lean into the shiny, disco magic and calm your mind by watching glitter fall. You read right. This hack is all about leaning into the shiny distraction. Here’s how it works:

  1. Grab a mason jar and add a few scoops of your favorite chunky glitter.

  2. Fill the jar with water and a touch of dishwashing detergent.

  3. Seal that sucker up and give it a shake

  4. Watch that mesmerizing glitter fall to the bottom of the jar as you deeply breath in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, breath out for a count of four and hold for a count of four

  5. Repeat step the last step (deep breathing) five times or so

While you’re doing the above practice, thoughts of some sort (negative or positive) will pop up in the four or five cycles of the above practice. And Monahan says it’s totally natural. Just refocus on watching that gorgeous, sparkly glitter and let those thoughts dissolve as it falls.

unplug meditation and athleta event in LA - group meditation

Guess what? It really works! In fact, we’re downright shocked by how effective the practice is. Like locking eyes with the flames in a fireplace, watching happy fragments of glitter tumble to the bottom of a jar is remarkably calming and comforting.

Now, we’ve got a glitter-filled jar locked and loaded at our desk and we give it shake anytime our brains need a break (say, like after reading the news) or when we feel the universe needs some positive vibrations (you know, like after reading the news). And we couldn’t love it more.

If you’re looking for other ways to tap into meditation, check out the Unplug app, which features a variety of guided meditations. And if you’re looking to treat yourself to some crazy soft, super comfy loungewear, these modal Joggers feel super luxurious, without giving saggy ass. Hear that? Us neither. Because our minds and bodies are in a to-tal state of chiiiiiiill.



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