Double Dutch Crush

This week, NY Magazine’s The Cut posted an exclusive video of National Double Dutch Leaguers doing their thing in a slick new Tabitha Simmons ad. (Of course, Rocawear was similarly inspired last year.)

These girls are dizzyingly quick, amazingly graceful and simply mesmerizing. Watching them made us think: “Did we look that cool back in second grade when we were cutting blacktop with our girls?”

It also spurred us to obsessively watch double dutch videos on YouTube, natch. Here is a favorite of our videos: check it out and bask in the bad-ass glory of these fast-footed, stylish chicks busting a move.

Or better yet, grab a couple of friends, a couple of ropes and hit the pavement yourselves, because no matter how cool these girls are, the sport looks plain fun.

Not sure where to begin? Mr. Pepper, Lanisha and co will show ya how:


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