Develop Your Own Recipe

Why follow someone else’s recipe when you can develop your own? Master baker, Babycakes owner and Pstol Empiress Erin McKenna  didn’t attend chef school or have any formal baking training when she set out to develop her signature sweets. And now? She’s running a multi-bakery empire, complete with two published cookbooks and a fierce celebrity following.

It all started with a little messing around in the kitchen and a desire to develop a few too-tasty-to-be-true allergen-free confections. If you feel a call to the kitchen or think stylized skyr could be the next fro-yo, then start banging around some pots and pans—frickin’ foodies need a next gen. of bad-ass bakers already!Here are Erin’s five essential tips for inventing new recipes:

• Know your ingredients and how they behave in a recipe. This way, when something comes out particularly good or bad you can alter the recipe accordingly.

• Get an oven thermometer. Many ovens are not calibrated properly and baking something at the wrong temperature can throw the whole recipe off.

• Make sure your baking powder and baking soda are fresh. Many people use baking powder and soda that has been sitting in their cupboard for years and over time they lose their power and can ruin a recipe.

• Take notes with each batch as you bake. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will forget that little modification that made a certain batch perfect.

• When you achieve success, try the recipe again to make sure it comes out perfect a second time.

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