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Wheeee!! Summer is here! Clearly, we couldn’t be more exited. Here are a few of our favorite things for keeping it cool, even when temps reach the triple digits:

  •  Luzzelle van der Westhuizen Towel–a super graphic, oversized beach towel not only keeps you dry and sand-free, it doubles as a blanket for two when slipping away from the bonfire.

  • Beach Tomato Magazine–this site covers the best beach destinations you’ve never even heard of. Even if you can’t jet off to Malta for sea and sand, checking out the site’s beauty, fashion and lifestyle coverage is as blissful as taking a min-vacay.


  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir–When the hot weather forsakes you, defy sweat and heat by spraying this hydrosol on your face and hair.  Its micron spray is as fine as resort-style misting machines and breathing in the botanical smell doubles as an extra pick-me-up.


  • Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask–This peel-off mask radiates the most unbelievably beautiful iridescent turquoise hue when both on and off the skin (check its incredible hue bottom center left of the pic above).  But it’s not just the mermaid-like color that’s cool. It also delivers such a refreshingly icy sensation when on the skin, that you’d swear it were a gel formulation of that perfect blue water off of the Maldivian Coast.



  • Pressed Juicery Citrus 2 Drink--This Pineapple/Apple concoction also contains lemon (to cut the sugar) and mint (to deliver a fresh aftertaste). With drinks like this, who needs iced coffee?

  • Sam Edelman Mabel Shoe–A pair of cutoff jean shorts over wildly-printed one-piece + modern sandals and you’ve got a more sophisticated version of this summer’s Spring Breakers–influenced looks that feel so wrong, they’re right.

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