alexa chung x Vogue British doc


Think being in the fashion industry is a rich girl’s game? It’s a fair assumption–runway shows are becoming more and more theatrical and expensive to produce (we’re looking at you, Chanel), designers are rock star daughters (Stella McCartney) and trust funders (Tanya Taylor) and fashion school can cost a lot (first year tuition and expenses at Parsons is estimated to cost 75K).

But model and reporter Alexa Chung is here to dispel that myth and others with her YouTube documentary for British Vogue, How to Break into the Fashion Industry with Alexa Chung – Future of Fashion, in which she plays fashion career guidance counselor to us all.

Chung interviews heavy hitters (Sarah Mower, Christopher Kane) to uncover the inner workings of fashion labels and the different types of gigs available past modeling and designing, making this a must-watch for those who know they want to be in the fashion industry, but aren’t sure about where they’d best fit in.  Check out the first two installment to see what kind of fashion job best suits your talents and stay tuned for future videos in the ongoing series:

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