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Life Got Ya Down? Tracee Ellis Ross Is Here To Help

Can Tracee Ellis Ross just be our cool-ass auntie already? The Black-ish actress and queen of good hair isn’t just funny on screen, she’s also a damned fine advice giver. In this clip from Glamourshe breaks down everything from how to deal with an agonizing crush situation to how to crush a cupcake.

Is the person your seeing a match for your heart? Tracee has thoughts on that. Want to engineer future family genes? Ms. Ross has another helpful suggestion. (Cuz, you know, that shit is hard.) Also: per Tracee, if you want to pair navy blue with black in fashion, that’s A-OK.

In all, the video below is a crash course in how to reframe your thinking. As Ms. Ross says, “It’s not that you’re failing, it’s that you’re thriving.” Sure, she’s talking about cupcake consumption, but the perspective is a refreshing break from headline news and the drudgery of life. So bookmark this clip, because we promise: it will help reprogram your brain from pessimistic to possibility whenever you’re feeling down.

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