So the Internet’s all about the “Dirty Girls” right now, a documentary filmed at a high school in the ’90s, in which a pair of sisters (Harper and Amber) explain why they’re not into washing their hair to meet beauty standards, why they identify with the riot grrrl movement, and why women’s rights are important. They make a ‘zine. They talk about injustice. And pretty much all the other kids from their school go on film to make fun of them.

The 17-minute doc ¬†isn’t just popular because of the inescapable ’90s nostalgia that’s going on right now; people seem to totally identify with being misunderstood in high school and slammed by their peers. That, and people seem stoked to see teen girls engaging in activism, doing what feels right for them, and, despite basically being misunderstood, judged and called some witchy names (by a chick who is totally rocking “The Rachel” haircut and look, btw) while in high school, and ultimately living through it all to become a happy and successful photographer (Harper) and a businesswoman who totally flipped a house that once belonged to Lucille Ball, ¬†turning it into a killer Palm Springs event space (Amber).

To the high school girls out there who are dealing with shit talkers and generally catching hell for not fitting in with everyone else–good on you for embracing your inner dirty girl; we salute you.

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