Getting primed for back-to-school is all about trying new looks. And for that, we love an instructional video. But without fail, the seemingly short three-to-five minute PSAs can quickly suck up ten or more minutes of our time, due to dubious lighting and can’t-see-it-all angles that require a lot of rewind and re-watch . Thankfully, fashion and lifestyle blog, The Cut from New York Magazine, has saved us from all kinds of play/pause/play video action this summer by introducing its GIF Tutorials for makeup and hair looks.

By employing professional makeup artists to create a look, and presenting each step in insta-replay gifs, these newfangled instructables make it easy to get the scoop on how to create a look–and fast. Who knew the digital answer to how-to videos lied in such an old technology? Of course, we’re crossing our fingers that the site launches a GIF Tutorial-specific app, to make accessing these guidelines even easier when on the go. But in the meantime, you canĀ get schooled on a bunch of looks, including shadow for Asian eyes and crazy braids, here. Or–shameless plug alert–if you’re more of a print kind of girl, there’s always this option too.

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