Felicia Zegler, Beauty Contributor

Felicia’s Beauty Style Statement:

When it comes to beauty, I’m all about enhancing my features — whether it be with a pop of the perfect pink lip gloss or a dazzling shade of eyeshadow.  As for hair, my style icons are Dianna Agron and Jennifer Aniston — so I’m constantly trying to achieve the most silkiest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

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  1. […] Josie Maran’s Lip and Cheek Stain looks like a big, fat elementary-school style marker and is just as easy to use. A simple swipe or three across the lips amplifies natural liptones for a flirty pucker, while a dab onto the cheeks (blended softly with the fingertips) achieves a fresh-from-the-playground flush. What’s more, this crimson stick is about as pure as we remember our childhoods to be—it’s paraben and (vegan alert) beeswax free, made from all natural ingredients (including sugar extracts, which help smooth lips), and is housed in recyclable packaging. And while we love the pretty pick-me-up it and the guilt-free piece of mind it provides, its most fabulous asset is serious staying power. Like the fingerpaints of our youth, this stuff stays put, making it the perfect product for all-day play. —Felicia Zegler […]

  2. […] Where the product is exceptionally powerful is in the fragrance department: this stuff is packed with natural ingredients like rosemary and clover, so if you’re olfactory-attuned to robust and earthy bouquets, then this stuff is definitely your jam.  But even if you adore its strong scent, go easy–more than a drop or two applied to dry locks will quickly send you into greasy-hair territory.  In the spirit of true health supplements, a mild and regular dose of this hair oil will help you maximize what you’ve already got, if what you’ve got is healthy, happy hair. —Felicia Zegler […]

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