My beauty icons include Gisele Bündchen and Evangeline Lilly–I love how they have more of a natural feel with their makeup. I also love  Audrey Hepburn and the way she always did her eyeliner and it was always so simple yet made such a statement. I admire Katy Perry’s willingness to take chances with her makeup and be a little more exotic and daring. Blair Fowler is also one of my makeup icons because I’ve learned so much from her tutorials and she does everything from natural to exotic looks.

 My hair icons are: Leighton Meester, Anne Hathaway, Diane Kruger, Emma Watson, and Amanda Seyfried.  All of these women have especially stood out to me whether they are all done up on the red carpet, or just walking down the street. I’ve seen their hair long, short, straight, curled, up, and down and it’s given me inspiration to try and mimic their styles.
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