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Ask any pop star: The road to radio domination is rarely easy and success almost never happens overnight. Pop legends like Britney Spears and Katy Perry tried for years to break into the biz. And singer, songwriter and musician Laura Michelle–who is on the cusp of pop stardom herself–is no different.

Laura Michelle has pounded the LA pavement for six years, playing local (and legendary) venues like The Troubadour, The Whiskey and The Viper Room. After hooking up with producers who has worked with Avril Lavigne, Jay Z and Shakira, the NorCal native has released her debut album, Novel With No End.

Its first single? Chuck Norris, a song with lyrics that start, “I always speak my mind and never really censor what I have to say.” And the song just gets more badass from there. Yes, please! Plus, the just-released video not only stars a powerful Laura, but Chuck Norris himself. How cool is that? The video is trending in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Germany and in just in a few weeks time has racked up nearly 5 million views.

Of course, with such seemingly quick success has come a bit of hate. But Laura, who writes songs about empowerment and being true to self is walking the walk–even reading mean comments in this awesome video.

We sat down with the songstress to learn what it takes to break into the music biz, the three characteristics a girl needs in the pop world and what it means to tap into that Chuck Norris state of mind.

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nessa hot97 host girl code host #perfectlyimperfect watch the throne

Started from the bottom now we here? Nessa Diab, better known to MTV and radio fans as Nessa, knows a thing or two about rising up in the hosting and on-air personality worlds. The host of a handful of MTV shows, including Girl Code LIVE and Teen Mom, isn’t just killing it TV. As the DJ and host of #Nessa3to7 on Hot97, New York City’s legendary hip hop station, she has become one of the most powerful female voices in the game. Of course she didn’t just land at the top out of nowhere. More than ten years experience in San Francisco radio and a ton of hard work helped prime her for radio and TV domination.

Think you might want a job like Nessa’s? Here, the hostess with the mostess shares her top five tips to go from “should I get on that hosting grind?” to radio queen.

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emily maya mills

The nuts and bolts of getting into comedy as a real-deal, paying-the-bills profession is a mysterious thing; It’s not like you can major in standup in college or look for gigs on LinkedIn after graduation. From the outside looking in, it may seem like the qualifications are: (1) be hilarious and (2) do it in front of other people, but as any comic will tell you, there’s a lot of work that goes into putting a set together, landing a gig on Saturday Night Live, doing sketch bits on Funny or Die and ultimately, making a living. So how does one become a comedian, exactly? Does being voted class clown count?

Lucky for us, comedy powerhouse Emily Maya Mills is letting us in on what it takes to be successful in the biz. The multi-talented multi-hyphenate just recorded her debut album of standup comedy, stars in sketch videos on Funny or Die, acts in shows like Orange is the New Black, Key and Peele and Parks and Recreation, performs improv and of course, writes. Here, she talks to PSTOL about how to get started in standup and sketch (even if you don’t live in Los Angeles or New York City), use social media as a workshop for material and which qualities every girl needs to be a sidesplitting success in the comedy game (hint: it has nothing to do with your looks).

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DJ Roxy Cottontail has spent the last decade breaking new talent, throwing the best parties in NYC, and, of course, stoking dancefloors worldwide by DJing for crowds Vegas, Hong Kong, Barcelona, New York and Tokyo–all while collaborating with punk and hip-hop legends like Iggy Pop and Afrika Bambaataa, and creating some of the most energizing music along the way (Kate Moss? Such a fun track). In short, this bunny’s got bounce. So who else would we turn to for advice on DJing and general running-the-streets when it comes to nightlife? Read on for Roxy’s tips on how to get started in DJing, the business of being a musical artist and why it’s important to surround yourself with creative and uplifting peeps.

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There are all sorts of ways to do death. Some cultures parade the skulls through the street every year. Some take out the bones and dance with them, and others leave them bodies for the vultures to eat. Or, if you’re American, you bury the whole thing—literally and figuratively—as most of us are taught that death isn’t something we talk about. Well, Caitlin Doughty is changing that. With her thoughtful and purposefully lo-fi Ask A Mortician web series, Order of the Good Death website, and her forthcoming book, this longtime lover of the macabre has made it her personal mission to change the way we deal with death by talking corpses, decomposition and natural burial, among other tasty topics.

Recently, Doughty talked to PSTOL about her inevitable career on the funeral industry and what it takes to be a crematory operator, corpse driver and funeral director. Wanna know more about getting into the biz—oh, and maybe grab a book deal along the way? Read on.

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Image Courtesy of Erin McKenna

The cupcake cult. It has spawned everything from reality shows to vinyl toys, a wine label and a LA cupcakery stocked with strictly unedible merch. And despite strong signs of a doughnut takeover, cupcakes has remained the dessert du ’jour.

Just as Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw took her bite of frosting-topped Magnolia confection on a Bleeker Street bench and as healthy-types started exploring a gluten-free existence, one-time waitress and wheat-free eater Erin McKenna whipped up Babycakes NYC, a wheat-free, gluten-free, processed-sugar free bakery that snagged NYMag’s Best Cupcake award and a slew of celebrity fans, from Kiernan Shipka to Natalie Portman.

Like a ton of smartiepants business ladies before her, Erin saw a need in the market–yummy desserts made without gluten, wheat and dairy–and filled it. Now, seven short years later, she’s built a tasty empire with three bakeries (NYC, FLA and LA), two cookbooks BabyCakes and BabyCakes Covers The Classics and a die-hard fanbase–all without any professional cooking instruction.

Read on to learn how she made the magic happen, battled naysayers and how you can get crackin’ on your own baking empire.

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Develop Your Own Recipe


Why follow someone else’s recipe when you can develop your own? Master baker, Babycakes owner and Pstol Empiress Erin McKenna..

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