Our Deal

We celebrate bad-ass chicks who build empires by breaking nails. We try new things. We take little risks to find what makes us happy. And we don’t let setbacks, scrapes or imperfections stop us in our tracks. We play with our makeup, our style, our whims and identities, and even though we might wipe out or look less than graceful from time to time, we have a lot of FUN along the way.


Erika Stalder is an award-winning author of five nonfiction YA books. She has penned an advice column for ABC Family’s Secret Life of  the American Teenager website and written about pop culture, fashion, beauty, technology and nightlife for various magazines and websites. She has served as a fashion and youth culture expert for  news publications and works with The Respect Institute, a national nonprofit whose goal is to make respect among youth and youth influencers the status quo. Erika has wanted to start her own magazine since she was 16 years old and with this site, she finally has! Wahoo! Wanna say hi? Email Erika here.


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