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    Michelle Phan + Desi Perkins On Turning Insecurity Into An Asset

    Before Michelle Phan was a beauty mogul, she was a teen hanging out in her room, trying to figure out how to accentuate cheekbones that didn’t seem to exist. When life gave her babyfat (we’ve all got it!), she made lemonade in the form of makeup tutorials on YouTube and an unprecedented beauty career. (In addition to being a […]



DJ Roxy Cottontail has spent the last decade breaking new talent, throwing the best parties in NYC, and, of course, stoking dancefloors worldwide by DJing for crowds Vegas, Hong Kong, Barcelona, New York and Tokyo–all while collaborating with punk and hip-hop legends like Iggy Pop and Afrika Bambaataa, and creating some of the most energizing music along the way (Kate Moss? Such a fun track). In short, this bunny’s got bounce. So who else would we turn to for advice on DJing and general running-the-streets when it comes to nightlife? Read on for Roxy’s tips on how to get started in DJing, the business of being a musical artist and why it’s important to surround yourself with creative and uplifting peeps.

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